About me

I suppose every personal web site needs to give a little information about the author. Here's the nickel summary of me:

You can probably tell from my interests that I'm a geek with not much of a life outside of computers and the Internet. Oh well... I'm willing to develop other interests, if prompted. >:-)

I've been interested in computers and technology in general for a long time. My interest in computers began when we got our first computer back in 1991... an old 386 from some company who I won't give free publicity to. It's been growing ever since, and I spend most of my time these typing away. I'll have the wrists of an 80-year-old before I know it.

Maybe it's due to my self-induced techno-hermit lifestyle, or maybe it's the result of torment from my schoolmates due to my love of computers, but I've been an introverted person for most of my life. It's only recently, with the help of ham radio and getting to know some nice people, that I've started to enjoy meeting new people. I won't run up to them and give them a hug, but I won't avoid eye contact, either.

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